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Our Story

We built Dunn Cannabis on a foundation of three simple concepts: expert
cultivation, small-batch production, and a premium product. This has allowed our team of growers to craft in-house strains found nowhere else, elevating the standard of cannabis production across Canada.


Our cannabis is clean, expertly grown, and of the highest grade.
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  • Hybird
  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Unique Cultivars


When the Ocean meets the land




Like the West Coast – When the Ocean meets the land – These stains have the best of both worlds. Karma is 1 of Dunn Cannabis’s 74 unique in-house cultivars. A gassy blend of “ Mintz #11” and “Açai Gelato”, this fantastic Hybrid is a relaxing flavourful addition to your cannabis experience(s). We are really proud of this one!!


When the Ocean meets the Outdoors



Island Pink Screwhead

Like the calm and zen of the West Coast outdoors, these strains will help you truly unplug. Island Pink Screwhead is a indica dominant hybrid of the original Tom Ford Island Pink Crossed with a landrace Ocean OG Kush. Its Limonene dominance through and higher THC level gives a positive enjoyable experience.


Waves of energy and playful nature



Secret Mintz

With their waves of energy and playful nature, these strains will uplift and invigorate you. SecretMintz is a Sativa dominant Hybrid blended from the Cookies lineup and Mintz #11.
Dessert like flavours that truly deliver a memorable experience.

74 Unique Cultivars

West Coast Unique Strains



74 Unique Cultivars

We are introducing 74 amazing new unique cultivars to the recreational market. First developed for medical purposes and now approved by Health Canada, they are coming available for all customers. Not sure where to start? We deliver the KARMA !!